Gourmet biscuits, cakes, sweet treats, produce, corporate hampers and gifts

About Us

il migliore, means ‘the best’ and we’ve been baking the best biscuits and chocolaty treats, as well as creating beautiful gourmet hampers for over 30 years. Started during the Melbourne nursing strike of 1985 by sisters Dianne and Paula, today the family includes Paula, her children and some very talented bakers, We still make all products entirely by hand at our Hawthorn bakery.  
After years of receiving cellophane clad hampers full of useless pantry items that would collect dust and eventually be thrown out, Paula and her son Will decided to was time to create truly delicious hampers with products that people actually love to eat, gifts presented in exquisite packaging that il migliore designs in-house and have become known for. 
From the very beginning, the il migliore philosophy has been to source the absolute best ingredients and to bake the products by hand with love. With this philosophy, we know every morsel will be YUM!
We have delicious tastings every day at our stores for you to try.